Vases Set No. 1

Vases with history, five pieces

Year: 1995
Customer: artificial, Germany

With its vase series, f maurer cites bottle shapes in which special varieties, regions and cultures of wine are condensed. Who does not associate the classic bouteille with a German white wine, the Burgundy bottle with a French red wine? Similar to the "DJ" in music, like the "found footage genre" in film, f maurer combines form quotations of European wine culture.

The vases, specially produced in a glassworks, are not only as irregular as their models, they also show the official marks that characteristically adorn the bottom of each wine bottle: Regulatory marks of an official-state intoxication culture. Thus, the vases become Apollonian fragments of Dionysian pleasures.

"I only realized that the double-liter bottle is a special Austrian feature, full of many feelings, memories and associations even when empty, when it was to be sacrificed to EU standards. This experience sharpened my eye, ignited my love for that spirit in the bottle, which is not in the alcoholic content, but in the form.

My work as a designer consisted here not in creating a new thing out of nothing, but in showing a familiar form in a different light through misappropriation and filling it with new meaning.
With the vase series I draw attention to aspects of European everyday culture that are important to me. In the series, the individual forms communicate with each other, open up a context for each other. I don't completely redesign a form, but rather, with a small intervention, design its perception and interpretation by the viewer." f maurer