f maurer lives and works as a creative mind in Vienna and Styria. Since 1989 he runs the design studio "design by f maurer | vienna" and since 2010 the "design galerie" in Vienna.

In his exploration of materials, proportions and perspectives, Franz Maurer also creates works in the artistic field. 


"In my design, irony and emotion are the salt in the soup. I love quotes, a-ha experiences and functions that often only become apparent at second glance. I question materials, functions and forms - and use them to design simple, striking, functional products or living concepts for people. Successful products, satisfied customers and international design and innovation awards confirm our path." f maurer

Wolfgang Pauser about f maurer

"Most of f maurer' s works link two motifs: first, quoting from the archive of things: like a DJ (design jockey?) composing a mix from the trove of long-forgotten records to get to the heart of a present feeling. Franz Maurer's second motif lies in "misappropriation". This also corresponds to the "DJ culture", because a DJ also does not play an old record in its own sense and context, but transposes it into a new one. This is called "recoding" or also "recontextualization". Franz Maurer transfers these current cultural techniques into design."
Wolfgang Pauser lives as a freelance author and design critic in Vienna.

Barbara Jahn-Rösel about f maurer

The winning smile of f maurer

On the one hand, f maurer is a name where you don't have to say very much about it - it stands for itself and with it in the international designer ranking. On the other hand, however, insiders will be curious to find out who is behind this label.
F stands for Franz, a self-confessed proud Burgenländer, but also a European who thinks in cross-border dimensions and celebrates glittering successes abroad. But like all other greats, he started small. One could say that he was born with a creative mind: From the very beginning, the top favorite was Lego bricks as a form of expression for constructive ideas, a development that was later continued with an apprenticeship as a carpenter, where he learned the basis of a craft. When, after a few years of practice in a photo studio, he managed the set construction and took on design challenges, he began to live out his own creativity, and his path as a designer took off.

The first tasks were - affectionately formulated - under the motto "Franz, the savior" when it came to creating useful things for the circle of friends that actually worked well. Not even in the initial phase did Franz Maurer compromise on half-measures: either completely or not at all. For him, the attraction of designing lies in growing into a task and along with it until it is so perfect that it is absolutely ready for the market. The focus is on people and thus on the target group that is to be addressed. One's own design personality sometimes has to make room for this. Accompanied by a sense of responsibility towards people, Franz Maurer likes to look at things from the perspective of those who are at the other end of the production process and will hold in their hands what he has sketched out with his constant companions pad and pencil, or what he has slept over again and - as he puts it in his own words - dreamed of. When it comes to design, irony and emotion are the salt in the soup; the "rogue in him" is always happy to discover the human element in things and to bring it into a reduced, essential form, whereby his favorite piece is always the one he is currently working on - be it tableware, lighting, furniture or entire living concepts. His special affection, however, enjoys, admittedly, the mono produced fire bowl Concave, which was awarded the German design Oscar, the Red Dot Award 2005. Franz Maurer is first and foremost a person with strengths and flaws, and the very biggest win for him - he says - is when it brings a satisfied smile to the lips of people who have his design in use. "Because that smile is my fee."
Barbara Jahn-Rösel is a freelance journalist in Vienna.


Habari International Design Competition 2010: First prize for the design "Straw + Glue = Stool" Jury: Demetrios Eames, a.o.

Form 2009: Professional association of crafts, art, design, Frankfurt for "WoodTower" at Raumgestalt

Form 2007: Professional Association of crafts, art, design, Frankfurt for "Dance of the Glasses" at Raumgestalt

Promotion Award for Creative Industries, 2006: Cultural Department of the Province of Burgenland for the product series "Weinology"

Steel Innovation Award 2006: Steel Information Center Düsseldorf, Germany for the "concave" oil lamp at mono

Nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2006: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, Germany for the  "concave" oil lamp at mono

Good Design Award Japan 2005: Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organisation for the "concave" oil lamp at mono

red dot award; product design 2005: Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany for the "concave" oil lamp at mono

Design Plus Award 2005: Messe Frankfurt, German Design Council and German Chamber of Industry and Commerce for "concave" oil lamp at mono

ADEX Award for Design Excellence 2005 and 2004: Design Journal, New York, Platinum Awards for "concave" oil lamp at mono

Design Report Award 2003, nominated: design report, Germany for the "snow" seating furniture

Promotion Award Creative Energy, 1995: OMV in cooperation with myway for CD-furniture Vienna