Gusto - Column

Preferably water!

For professional reasons I am often abroad, for private reasons far too seldom, but all trips always have the same ritual when I return home: I am happy to be able to drink water from the tap again without hesitation. Only when you have experienced how difficult, expensive or time-consuming it can be elsewhere to quench your thirst with natural water do you appreciate the luxury of Vienna's high-spring water.

Recently, some products for natural water treatment have been established, one of them always accompanies me on my travels:

The reusable water bottle "Eau Good" by Dan Black & Martin Blum, two designer colleagues from the label black-blum in London, which I appreciate because of your functional attention to detail.

The two apply an ancient principle from Japan in a handy drinking bottle made of BPA-free Tritan plastic: A Binchotan activated charcoal rod filters pollutants out of the water, regulates the ph value and infuses it with minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium, which have health-promoting properties and improve the taste of tap water.

The charcoal can be regenerated by boiling it for 10 minutes and placing it in the sun. Even after its active life of about 6 months, it can be used as an odor or moisture regulator in shoes, cupboards or cat litter - or ground up as fertilizer for plants.

The boys are committed to helping curb the massive consumption of approximately 22 billion plastic bottles per year worldwide. A small contribution to the environment and the prosperity of Dan and Martin. But an added value of 0.8 l for the personal fluid balance on the road.