product design interior furniture design furniture home accessories functional furniture firewood woodtower for raumgestalt

Year: 2007Customer: Raumgestalt, GermanyAward: Form 2009 The WoodTower invites you to fill it with logs. Thus, stacked decoratively, the firewood is always at hand where it is needed. The - unfortunately often copied - original design by f maurer consists in the minimalization to a delicate metal frame, which - filled with wood - becomes a sculpture [...]


product design interior home accessories gift niro hanging coat rack for odin1

Year: 2013Customer: ODIN, Germany Multihook is a practical hanging system for multiple applications, such as a space-saving coat rack, for handbags, belts and caps or in the kitchen. Made of brushed stainless steel round material, the three hooks are curved so that one can be hung inside the other. Each hook has two protruding, slightly rounded ends, so gives 6 hanging positions.Optional colored caps [...]


product design accessories gift niro handbags holder for odin jhook lady

Year: 2013Customer: Odin, Germany The name says it all: A mobile, J-shaped small hook made of aluminum or stainless steel on a key ring that accompanies her and him everywhere. In the handbag, in the jacket or best as a key ring, always discreet, space-saving flat, never disturbing and extremely stable. On the table or at the counter remains [...]

Cosmetic bottle

product design cosmetic bottle for petritschprofessional2

Year: 1999 Customer: Petritsch Laboratory, Vienna f maurer created a cosmetics packaging with a special closure technology for Petritsch Laboratory. A silicone membrane makes it possible to remove the shampoo without turning the bottle upside down. By squeezing the soft bottle, the shampoo flows out of the membrane cap without dripping. When traveling, a [...]