Hanging system with three or six or nine hooks on the rope

Year: 2013
Customer: ODIN, Germany

Multihook is a practical hanging system for multiple applications, such as a space-saving coat rack, for handbags, belts and caps or in the kitchen. Made of brushed stainless steel round material, the three hooks are curved so that one can be hung inside the other. Each hook has two protruding, slightly rounded ends, resulting in 6 hanging positions.
Optionally, colored caps can be attached, for example, to assign the individual hooks to people or functions. A set of 3 hooks includes six black and two caps each in purple, green and light blue.

The top hook is hooked into the prefabricated loop of the wire rope, the length of which is continuously adjusted using a rope clamping tool and fastened to the ceiling using a dowel and screw eye. Multihook is designed for a load of up to 20 kg.
The basic set includes three hooks, 10 color caps and the wire rope suspension 120 cm including clamping tool.
As an extension set there are another three hooks.