1930s look hanging and wall lamp

Year: 2007
Client: Quasar Holland, NL
Distribution: design galerie, Vienna

Just as Boas played around the wearers in the 1930s, so do the feathers around a light bulb now, cleverly duplicated by a mirror surface.

With "Aves," designer f maurer once again reaches into his treasure chest, the archive of things, as he calls them, and breathes new life into them - alienated from their intended purpose: After all, the feathers primarily come from the automotive industry, where they are used to remove dust from car parts before painting - again as a byproduct of the trendy ostrich meat production.

The series of lamps Aves was included in the collection of "Quasar Holland" presented for the first time on the occasion of the "Light & Building" 2008 in Frankfurt and a few years later, unfortunately, removed from the collection. Sometimes designs are simply too early for the market. Today in the distribution of design galerie, Vienna.

On quoting from the archive of things, design critic Wolfgang Pauser, Vienna, writes:
"Most of f maurer 's work links two motifs: first, quoting from the archive of things: like a DJ (design jockey?) composing a mix from the trove of long-forgotten records to get to the heart of a present feeling. Franz Maurer's second motif is "misappropriation". This also corresponds to the "DJ culture", because a DJ also does not play an old record in its own sense and context, but transposes it into a new one. This is called "recoding" or also "recontextualization". Franz Maurer transfers these current cultural techniques into design."