Baroque frame furniture for CD collections

Year: 1996
Client: anthologie quartett, Germany
Distribution: design galerie, Vienna

A CD furniture combines two seemingly incompatible styles: Baroque and high-tech. In a traditionally handmade, gold-colored baroque frame, f maurer inserts a plain metallic grid in which it is possible to group exactly 288 CDs. The vertical stainless steel bars can be positioned as desired through a series of holes, allowing the CDs to be individually arranged. This arrangement results in a graphic on the level of the presumed picture surface. The frame itself seems to float - lifted at a short distance from the wall.

anthologie quartett, a well-known design distributor in Germany included this product in its collection and distributed it alongside design objects by Ettore Sottsass, Borek Sipek, Allesandro Mendini, etc. until the death of the company owner. Since then, "Vienna" has been distributed by design galerie, Vienna.