A cool light

Year: 1991
Customer: artificial by juergen j. burk, Germany

Again f maurer reaches into the emotional box of contrasts, from design to photography: cold-warm, hard-soft, light-dark. Each of his luminous "Iceblocks" is unique, as the ice flower surface is applied to the acrylic block by hand, so no two pieces are alike. In contrast to the supposed coldness of the radiant ice block f maurer chooses very warm light, which floods to the back through a recess in the back wall as a warm light, while to the front the light is cool filtered through the translucent material and the ice flowers.

© Photos: Franz Helmreich, Vienna

Variations in color and format
As a Bauhaus quote, the "color blocks" in the classic colors white, red, blue, as well as yellow and green were launched by artificial. "Color columns", truly monumental floor lamps with a length of 210 cm are available, too.

Variations in gold
Inlaid with gold leaf, the "gold block" is available in a limited edition.