Flat M: Furniture

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Year: 1998
Client: Family M, Vienna

To create a spacious living space where the everyday life of a family with all its demands can take place. With a kitchen where you can cook for and with guests, along with a dining area for up to 10 people and a special place for the espresso machine.

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f maurer about the kitchen

The furnishing of the kitchen consists of 5 solitaires: Counter with dishwasher, refrigerator, garbage and sink area, storage and cooking area, coffee counter. The arrangement describes a new axis of development between the window and the most used door of the apartment compound.
I therefore took up the oblique position of this new axis in the room, but at the same time it was necessary to find a reference to the wall alignments of the room. I created this by positioning the counter and the china cabinet in the storage and cooking solitaire.

The cooking area can be used from both sides and provides sufficient work surfaces for several people. The fronts of the cooking and storage solitaire can be changed by the user: A "double bottom" provides design freedom. 

Details with a differenceThe flexible water dispenser is a product innovation I developed: It can be turned and bent in all directions, remains in this position and can be pulled out of its anchorage to reach the cooking area with water.

The specially developed switch system offers up to eight switches in the space of a double box and at the same time the highest possible flexibility in a central switch box, where the switches can be easily connected to other light source positions. 

At the same time, I chose the "end-grain" molding, an old craft technique that prevents solid wood pieces from being thrown, as a distinctive stylistic element.

Bed with a view & bathroom with natural light
In the bedroom, the elevated position of the bed enhances the pleasure of the better view and expanded storage.