Dance of the glasses

Drinking glasses, carafes, bowls and vases from hand blown glass
Glass, hand blown

Drinking glass in 4 sizes; carafes, bowls and vases in 2 sizes each

 16,00 -  18,00


Product: drinking glasses, carafes, bowls and vases made of mouth blown glass
Award: Form 2007
Client: Raumgestalt, Germany

"Dance of the Glasses" is a series of mouth-blown drinking glasses, decanters and carafes that circle around their own center of gravity with seductive movements. Responsible for this is a glass drop at the bottom, with which f maurer gives the product the emotional added value of enjoyment and fun.

The innovation of the wine decanter lies in the ingenious inclination of the glass walls, which guide the wine over a large area over the inside of the decanter when pouring against the glass wall, thereby gently aerating it. Even when pouring the last sip, this shape prevents the often unpredictable balancing act.

New in the collection is the shot glass "Willi" as well as bowls and vases. If it should not go round once, there are coasters made of felt, which bring the glasses to a standstill.

In short, a "toy for adults".

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Mary, Philippe, Jack, Willi, Bertha, Karl, felt coaster, Molly, Klara, Olga, Rosa